Ultra Deluxe Cage Free Boarding, Large Room, 165 Square Feet
Does your baby need the ultimate space...then this is the room for them! It has a plush sitting chair to make them feel like they are at home, a flat screen TV, with Netflix, three cat trees, two smaller cozy chairs and a large window with a beautiful park like setting view filled with wild birds. There is plenty of space to bask in the sun, climb, run and play. This outstanding room runs $45.00 per night for the first cat, $10.00 for each additional cat. They all must get along.

Deluxe Cage Free Boarding, Medium Room 150 Square Feet
For the "Diva" prince/princess in your life, we also offer private cage free rooms.
Below, are photos of the medium private room, it is 150 square feet, with tons of vertical space! It was designed to make your kitty feel at home and includes, three cat trees, a fun door climber, a cat level fish tank, flat screen TV, a recliner, two chairs and two large windows overlooking a beautiful yard filled with wild birds. This beautiful room runs $40.00 dollars per night per cat, $10.00 for each additional cat. They all must get along.

Cage Free Boarding, Small Room - 50 Square Feet
This room has one cat tree and runs $25.00 per night. It is perfect for a less active or senior kitty. Price is for one cat, each additional is $10.00. Maximum cats is two and they all must be friends.

Extended Stay and Multiple Cat Discounts

We do offer multiple cat discounts and monthly rates, please ask.

Large Budget Suites

Should you need expert kitty care, but you are on a budget, ask about boarding your favorite feline in one of our spacious cat condos. Rates per cat in condos are $20.00 per night, if you should have two cats and they can happily share this space, the rate would then be $25.00 per night. These condos are two story and measure 6x4x3.

Small Budget Suites

An even less expensive option is, our slightly smaller three level condo, the measurements are, 3x5x2 feet, it runs $15.00 per night. One cat only for this space.

All prices listed above are per cat per night.

Additional Services

1. Nail trim - $15.00

2. Ear clean - $10.00

3. Brush out, no mats - $10.00

4. Bath/Nails/Ears/Brush out - $50.00

5. Lion cut - $100.00, this includes nail trim and ear clean.

6. De-mat - price is subject to severity of mats.

7. Pet Taxi - $35.00 each way, serving Las Vegas, N. Las Vegas and Henderson

8. Airport taxi - please inquire about pricing

We accept cash, local checks, credit card and Zelle.